Temai Ingenieros



TEMAI Ingenieros provides an equipment of Flight Data System that allows the connection and download of flight data FDRs and CVRs.



TEMAI Ingenieros provides the control console for Beluga aircraft gate.



TEMAI Ingenieros launches the new TM42 hot bonder for repair of composite materials.



ACITURRI awards TEMAI Ingenieros for design and manufacturing of hydraulic and electric test benches for production of vertical stabilizer of the Airbus A350.



TEMAI Ingenieros joins Madrid Aerospace Cluster as partner.



7th FP SGL. Software development location device earthquake victims in FIRST and validation at the military base in Athens.



Design, certification and manufacturing of ECU steering control system for landing gear for civil aircraft Skylander 105.



CENIT PROSAVE2. Conducting experiments on bragg gratting sensors in aeronautical structures for structural damage detection.



It is achieved DAL A software certification for the unit BRSU.



TEMAI Ingenieros signs a contract with Cassidian for the development of EMPCbox for Atlante UAV funded by CDTI.



TEMAI Ingenieros joins E2S consortium CTI Ingenieros, along with CTI, Ideatel, Centum as Spanish consortium for supplying engineering services to Airbus Military, Cassidian, Eurocopter and Astrium.