Temai Ingenieros

In TEMAI Ingenieros we design and develop rugged flight electronic equipments to the aero industry since the specification phase and requirements definition, design and development and simulation of electronic circuits, PCB routing, programming of microprocessors and CPLDs or FPGAs, integration testing, implementing the qualification plan and implementation of qualification testing, product certification and manufacture of electronic equipments and support. Additionally we made the justification for Safety, Maintenance, Reliability and testability, developing calculation of MTBF, MTBUR and analysis of failure modes FMEA, FMES and FTA.

The engineering process design, development, testing, project management, quality assurance and configuration control is based on the quality standards ISO-9100 and ISO-9001. The electronics is designed to meet the environmental requirements of flight as DO-160 standard. The complex electronics design is made to meet the requirements of DO-254 standard. The planning, design, development, testing and justification of flight critical software is performed to meet the requirements of DO-178 standard.

TEMAI Ingenieros has experience in Critical Electronic certification and certified for flight Critical Software as civil aviation and military standards, compliance levels DAL A and DAL B with the addition of CAN-Bus, ARINC-429, MIL-STD-1553 communication buses in electronic equipments.

Among our references include sensor load reliever system in flight A330 MRTT tanker aircraft from Airbus, the primary distribution unit power Atlante UAV HVDC270 Cassidian and electronic control unit front landing gear of the aircraft Skylander -105 from GECI.