Temai Ingenieros

TEMAI Ingenieros performs the coordination of Engineering of Test Bench Projects and Test validation, qualification and production, based on the quality standards ISO-9100 and ISO-9001, from specification and design phase (mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical power, electronic control, measurement instrumentation and software) to the phase of integration and documentation.

We carry out projects related to software and systems of measurement on the test bench environment in industrial and laboratory applications.

The main programming languages ​​we use in the development of these applications are LabView, CVI and TestStand. Measuring systems are products of National Instruments and our partner Pickering and control elements are PLCs and / or control systems based on real-time operating systems. The mechanical design is done with CATIA and / or Autocad. The hydraulic components, pneumatic and electrical cabinets and power are based on standard commercial items.

Among our references include the production test bench VIGV actuator and aircraft engine nozzle EFA2000 of CESA, hydraulic and electrical test benches of the vertical stabilizer production of Airbus 350, Aciturri, the hydraulic test benches for ITP engines, test bench for validation and production of gearboxes John Deere, among others.